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    New free version of logic game "Mastermind" (or guess the number).

    the rules: The game computer thinks of a number (set) of the four non recurring digits. The player has got several attempts to guess the unknown number. Each attempt player gets a clue: how many digits in the number, he guessed, and how many of them are located in the right place.
    Example: Computer unknown number of characters is 1234. The player has entered a try: 3784. As a result, the player will receive a prompts:
    "there are 2 characters in the set",
    and "one sign on the right place".
    The game continues until the player guesses the unknown number, or do not use up attempt.

    screenshorts: Mastermind - guess the number-device-2012-09.png Mastermind - guess the number-device-20.png

    09-09-2012 03:22 AM

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