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    Game: Battleship Pro
    Kind of game: Action
    Creators/Developed by: Codeknitters
    File size: 6.5 M
    Price: $.99 on Amazon App Store


    Set sails and start your battle versus Ted, James and Hans where Ted is the rookie making a lot of mistakes, James is the intermediate guy and Hans... well Hans is Hans! The good old well known pen and paper battlship gameplay is nicely enhanced with hexagonal fields and features which offer a lot of tactical possibilities. Lovely graphics and sounds make the classic battleship game an exciting experience.


    Fun for the Nostalgia sake of battleship.
    No excessive permission. Just download, install and play.


    Can't play against actual real people.
    Once finished, it goes back to the main menu instead of continue.


    Battleship Pro on The Amazon App Store


    09-17-2012 03:59 PM

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