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    **The Cutest game has landed on Google Play Store!**

    D0WNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ios.chubbybird

    Help Chubby to get Home!
    Hi everybody, I'm Exequiel from Argentina and I'm an Indie developer! I recently released my free game for Android: Chubby Bird and I hope you like it!!!

    Story Mode and Arcade Mode available FOR FREE! Enjoy many hours of fun. Everyone will love Chubby!

    Fly across 36 levels in Story Mode and don't leave him alone! Pick all you Sweeties you can and Slide to get more points and defeat your angry enemies!

    Arcade Mode is a random generated level, fly as far as you can and defeat your own scores and world others. Submit your score to the World's database and get on Leaderboards.

    *4 languages supported: English, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.
    *36 levels on Story mode.
    *2 Overworlds: Mountains and the Moon.
    *Many enemies to defeat.
    *Arcade Mode with many powerups and Online Leaderboards.
    *More than 30 achievements to unlock.
    *Many hours of fun.

    If you have any suggestion, bug or want to contact us, please email us: contact@expstudios.com.ar

    This app uses Google Admob banners. Any IN-APP PURCHASE (coming soon) will disable them.
    This app needs permission for Internet Connection for using of Online Highscore Rankings.


    More Screenshots:


    Thanks for Playing!! I would love to hear your opinions.

    P.S: further update is coming very soon with new music and bug fixes. Thank you!
    09-20-2012 12:12 PM

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