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    I'm proud to present the first product of my work! I'm a student who decided that he want to create a simple-looking, a little bit hard arcade game where sometimes player have to use his brain.
    So I have created JumpRoll - my first attempt in game programming! (excluding all tetris-like/snake-like/space shooter-like/pong-like/2D-cars-like games done for fun or for lectures).
    The idea is simple - player have to move through whole level, hop on the green hexagon and stop there. But the way to that 'green point' can be hard.
    It is my first android app, I need some feedback here and on Google Play


    Google play:

    Google+ site (very poor at the moment):

    (Stay tuned for more levels!)

    Game manual:

    - Use touchscreen to move and rotate the ball,
    - tap anywhere while rolling to jump,
    - to adjust steering sensitivity use settings button in main menu,
    - to restart level or finish the game, simply use your back button,
    - level ends when the ball is placed on the green hexagon. Player need to press back button to confirm score. (Without that, it was too easy).

    The more stars in less attempts the better, share your score!

    Awkward Rules:

    - Step on the center of the block to gain points,
    - Blue blocks become red when touched,
    - Red blocks will decrease player's score,
    - Block can be touched only once or player's score will be decreased,
    - Player can jump over two blocks,
    - Epic power can rotate or move blocks and because of that power, player is not able to move - He must jump!

    version 1.24:
    - added acceleration sensitivity setting in settings menu,
    - new UI background,
    - score view is now on top.
    version 1.23:
    - general facelifting :)
    version 1.22:
    - No more ads during gameplay (!)
    - another acceleration tweak (this time for larger screens),
    - bugfix with attempts counter
    version 1.21:
    - ball acceleration is now correct (It was too fast on devices other than Galaxy Nexus),
    - auto-reset if you fall,
    - from now on, if you touch the green hexagon it is impossible to fall.
    version 1.2:
    - much higher performance (!),
    - new textures,
    - new in-game background.


    I'm waiting for your feedback guys! Have fun!
    09-22-2012 08:07 PM
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    I've released two updates already, one yesterday for higher performance and one today to correct the gameplay, so:

    version 1.21:
    - Acceleration of the ball is now correct, i've seen on my friends smartphone that it was too fast.
    - Also from now on, when you jump on the green hexagon it is impossible to fall,
    - "Auto reset when fall" is added.

    version 1.2:
    - higher performance
    - new textures
    - new in-game background

    I think that now the game is more enjoyable, byt i'm waiting for your opinions.

    Please report bugs and post some suggestions

    Please tell me if it's wrong to bump thread with app update!
    09-23-2012 08:03 AM
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    Hi there,

    At the beginning, when the game was still in heavy development, my idea was to add 'ads' into menu hidden under "back button", but it was impossible to do, don't know why but it was not working, so I've put ads during gameplay - I really hated that idea, so right now I've released a new update: from now on, there are no ads during gameplay

    version 1.22:
    - no ads during gameplay
    - another acceleration tweak, this time for larger screens,
    - bugfix with attempts counter
    09-24-2012 03:31 AM
  4. avenavo's Avatar
    Welcome back

    Just uploaded another update at google play, and i hope you will enjoy this..

    version 1.23:
    - facelifting

    Check out new screenshots!
    09-25-2012 07:58 AM
  5. avenavo's Avatar
    Small update is out!

    If the game was unplayable, try to tweak new settings

    Version 1.24:
    - added acceleration sensitivity setting in settings menu,
    - new UI background,
    - score view is now on top.

    10-02-2012 12:53 PM

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