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    Are you a fan of the exciting new NBC series Grimm? Stay awake late at night thinking you may know a Wesen? Well then Grimmology is your trivia guide and quiz for everything Grimm. Grimmology features the most up to date questions, so be careful of spoilers if you miss an episode, including the early release of the stunning season 2.

    Sample Grimmology Questions
    1. Who said: 'Uhh, well, Nick, when a mommy Coyotl and a daddy Coyotl love each other very much'?
    2. The Brothers Grimm are attributed with writing the original story of Little Red Riding Hood, but in fact the story first appeared in the classic Mother Goose Tales. What year was that book published?
    3. Who said: Look, 'I'm sorry. You know, this wasn't part of my weekend plans. Hey, how was hot yoga? You pull a groin or anything?'?

    Grimmology Features
    • Four levels of difficulty to play at, from Easy to Insane
    • Play the fun mini-game and take out those nasty Wesen
    • Help options are available to remove answers or swap a particularly difficult question for another
    • Post your high score to the Grimmology Leaderboard
    • Submit your own question and earn game coins

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