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    Prince of Balls is a bouncy casual adventure game for smartphones and tablets
    Help Prince collect all the stars and find his Princess. Every region hides secret gifts, scattered treasure, and for the bravest - achievement medals for completing harder tasks. Can you win the Princess' heart and become the King of Balls?
    Beautiful graphics, simple mechanics - just tap to jump and enjoy the adventure!
    SINGLE TAP: just a single tap determines the peak of your jump. Try to finish the level in as few jumps as possible!
    COLLECTABLES: To gain points, collect coins, stars, treasure...
    POTIONS: Collect potions to change your behavior.
    ACHIEVEMENTS: Add bonus to your score. Once you get a specific achievement on all levels, you get that achievement for the whole act - gaining even more bonus points!
    WORLD: Packed with fun, features enemies, slippery mud, bouncer mushrooms and more!


    09-26-2012 03:50 AM

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