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    In this game you can race the 4 Kings ( hearts diamonds clubs spades ) of poker cards with 4 types of race and 2 game types (normal gait and gait long). The rules of the game are: are extracted cards and each card even the King of the same suit advances of the card number (if it shows the Queen doubles score). For every odd card instead you'd have different events: with the ACE, King of the same suit is in position 1, with three his score is divided by 3, with five or seven others suit go on to five or seven points, with nine back of 9 points, with Jack his score is halved and the King there is a change then points the King of the same suit King raffled takes the position of King of the suit of the card drawn previously. The cards drawn are not deleted from the deck, then the same card can appear several times. Of course, the winner is the one who arrives first at the finish line. There are also statistical information which is recorded number of races and Victor for King and for gamer.
    This app was created with App inventor. The app is in English, which may not be very accurate, but the app is very easy to use.

    Game - Bet on the winning card free-1.jpg
    Game - Bet on the winning card free-2.jpg

    09-27-2012 11:29 AM

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