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    The highly praised free form Fridge Magnet word game is now available for FREE on Google Play!

    "Wooords, with its quirky presentation, easy-to-understand mechanics, and fast-paced play, is going to consume the lives of word puzzle lovers the world over." - 148 Apps (4.5/5)

    "... the clever refrigerator magnet-powered gameplay feels surprisingly fresh, and makes the UI used in previously released word games flat out seem archaic in comparison." - TouchArcade (5/5)

    Wooords is a freeform wooord game with unique fridge magnet gameplay that removes all distractions, it’s just you and the letters. Touch, move and combine letters to discover as many wooords as possible. Create combos, earn points, increase your IQ. Each puzzle has one or more nine letter words that offers maximum points. Compete with your friends, compete with the world or just challenge yourself.

    • Fast fridge magnet like gameplay
    • Create words in quick succession to get combos and multipliers.
    • 3 game modes to test your vocabulary, speed and concentration.
    • 75+ puzzles will push you to the limits.
    • Challenge your friends to a daily puzzle.
    • Leaderboards and Achievements.
    • Original sound track

    [FREE] Wooords now on Android!-1.png[FREE] Wooords now on Android!-2.png
    [FREE] Wooords now on Android!-3.png[FREE] Wooords now on Android!-4.png

    Gameplay Video and More Details: Wooords – StrayRobot
    09-27-2012 11:05 PM

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