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    An old game with a familiar look!

    Minesweeper Classic from Windows-635658-509608.jpg Minesweeper Classic from Windows-635658-509612.jpg

    The object is to open all safe squares in the quickest time possible. Minesweeper starts when a player touches on a square.
    The first click is always safe and reveals a number or an opening surrounded by numbers. Each number tells you how many mines touch the square. You can mark a mine by putting a flag on it with the long touch.
    You win by clearing all the safe squares and lose if you click on a mine. A mine counter tells you how many mines are still hidden and a time counter keeps track of your score. There are three levels of difficulty:
    Beginner has 10 mines, Intermediate has 40 mines, and Expert has 99 mines.
    Sometimes in Minesweeper you have to guess. A typical case is a 50/50 guess when one mine is hidden in two squares. However, there are other times when you can improve your chance of guessing correctly.

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    09-28-2012 10:55 AM

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