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    Hello everyone,

    I'm Chris and this post is to introduce you to my new word puzzle game Shifting Letters. You can get it on Google Play.

    This is the first game I have released on Android (or any platform for that matter) and I am very keen to get as much feedback as possible. What do you like about the game? What do you hate about the game? Any other feedback you can provide!

    For Example, some feedback to myself! I'm not in love with the look of the combo counter box and I think that maybe I should make the words highlight for a bit longer than they do at the moment. Also, I'd like to do some better tablet sized layouts that allow landscape with the board on one side of the screen and the found words/puzzle list showing all the time on the other half of the screen.

    What do you think?

    Android 2.2+
    Touch screen (single touch is fine)
    That's it!


    Shifting Letters is a fun word search puzzle game. Slide the tiles, make words, score points and exercise your mind!

    Play against the clock in 3 Minute Mode or take your time in Unlimited Mode. When you have mastered the basic modes purchase the Puzzle Pack Add-on for a new challenge!

    Free Features:

    - 3 Minute Mode
    - Unlimited Mode
    - Offline Leaderboards
    - Online Leaderboards (powered by Scorelooop)
    - Awards
    - Statistics
    - One free Puzzle for Puzzle Mode

    Add-on Features:

    The Puzzle Pack* - 20 additional Puzzles to test your knowledge. Complete them all then compete to solve them the fastest via the Online Leaderboards.

    *Purchasing the Puzzle Pack also removes all advertising.

    10-01-2012 01:46 AM

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