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    Playrock is a social gaming network where you can play games with people who are next to you without any hassle of finding them in a global community.
    Players can instantly create their own virtual spaces, select games that they like to their spaces, and start playing and sharing with other people.


    Playrock spaces are small in nature, allowing players to connect and play with people who are next to them or play with friends in an intimate and private setting. Spaces can be created at any location, reflecting day-to-day interactions, either among
    friends and colleagues or people who meet casually in a bar or other locations.

    Playrock includes the following features and benefits:
    Quick and easy space set up
    Play together with other users who are next to you in real-time
    Play together with friends in a private and intimate setting
    Communicate with other users inside a space
    Post your experience about applications
    Discover new and exciting apps from people you know or people who are next to you

    Featured games:

    Open Sudoku:
    Simple and easy-to-use multi-player Sudoku that you can play with your friends or people next to you. In this multi-player version, two players play the same game together and try to complete the board.


    Dots and Dashes:
    Deceptively simple looking strategy game. Play and compete against another player. Your task is to mark off a series of dots on a page following some simple rules to force your opposition to select the last dot.


    Also, playrock's SDK allows game developers to integrate their games into Playrock's spaces.

    Why Playrock platform is so unique?
    * Developers don't need to worry about developing communication channels and players matching. Playrock takes care of that.
    * Developers have the tools to dynamically change the game based on the space from where the game was initiated, making it more unique and engaging experience to users.
    * Through Playrock spaces, developers can quickly gain local exposure to their games, substantially lowering the customer acquisition costs.
    10-03-2012 08:35 PM

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