1. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Sorry about another thread on games, but I'm having trouble finding anything good, and don't want to drop the cash on crap, so some questions.

    Just want a little variety for time killer (don't care about multiplayer or Massive Multiplayer "persistent worlds").

    1. Racing: Looking at Raging Thunder 2. Anything better out there?
    2. Top-Down Shooter: Looking at Sky Force Reloaded. Thoughts?
    3. RPG: Anyone play Zenovia? From the screenshots it looks like one of the old SNES Zelda (A Link To The Past).
    4. Pinball: Any suggestions here? Not much came up in a search.

    I also know there is at least one or two developers (maybe Storm8?) that don't list their games in the market. Any suggestions there?

    Oh, I have an EVO if it matters for controls and whatnot.
    07-08-2010 09:00 AM