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    Blood Brothers (Android) Review - Friend code for AWESOME gifts after tutorial: 7SX3Jp

    Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...19BbmRyb2lkIl0

    Here's a free game that packs plenty of content into what is fast becoming one of the most competitive areas of the mobile market, so how does the game fare in the final analysis, and what can you expect from the content?

    The artwork for each of these creatures is wonderfully detailed.

    If you've ever played the Subbuteo table-top soccer games, well, the characters move around this RPG world a little bit like that, hopping tile-by-tile through winding journeys that take in towns, villages, and enemy-strewn fields, while gathering currency and fighting creatures. Each step depletes a little bit of your energy bar which either refills over time, or is immediately maxed out whenever you level up.

    Blood Brothers' combat is a static experience for players, and you'll simply watch your miniature army take on the threat one-by-one with the enemy retaliating in turns. Player-driven battle strategy instead comes from selecting the right allies and support minions, and tinkering with your load-outs to pick the right warriors for the upcoming threat.

    Combat may be automated, but the strategy comes from team selection.

    Kill those enemies, and you might get the chance to enslave them through a Blood Pact. Fancy strutting around the local town market with a demonic, enslaved pig by your side? Blood Brothers is your game then, and there are a huge number of beasts to be added to your collection.

    If, on the other hand, you don't think much of your new companion, you can always grind him up and feed him to one of your party members in order to permanently boost their stats. Food or friends can also be acquired via the lottery system you throw your game currency into, with the chance of receiving common, rare, or unique companions as a result.

    Combine creatures or simply feed them to your most valuable warriors.

    This same section of the interface also allows you to evolve your current party by combining creatures to get the best of all attributes, while allies can also be evolved with crystals which confer a +50 stat boost to your attributes. While the best companions are likely to be earned through the use of Mobage's real-life currency system, this is still a great way of offer you the chance to design your very own bespoke army, and adds a further source of entertainment whenever your energy reserves are down.

    As well as managing a party, there are a generous selection of classes from which you can pick your main character. Each has a different speciality on the battlefield, whether that's the sorcerer archetype who can keep enemies mystified on the battlefield, or the warriors who can charge into battle with a vicious cleave attack. These special abilities are triggered automatically, and have a variable proc chance.

    Movement depletes your energy levels which replenish themselves over time.

    Storytelling cut-scenes are delivered as slow-panning oil-paintings, and while the animations may be rather minimalist, the artwork is crisp and intricately detailed. Musically, the game maintains a rather plodding soundtrack for the most part, but it's serviceable and suits the dark medieval mood. Unlike many of the game's web page-based contemporaries, the interface is mercifully uncluttered and easy to navigate, free as it is of adverts, in-app purchase pleading and information-overload.

    Blood Brothers will be a question of taste for many, but certainly those who prefer their mobile games as dip-in, dip-out portions will get a lot out of it. One of the most accomplished of the rather strange RPG-Pokemon-Tamagotchi hybrid breeds that have started to multiply on the app stores in recent months, Blood Brothers will keep you busy in snatches for some time to come.


    What's Hot: A deep and uncluttered hybrid game that offers plenty of diversions during the game's down-time restrictions.

    What's Not: The music can start to feel a little repetitive, and a little more involvement in the actual combat would have been welcome.
    10-08-2012 03:43 PM

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