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    Draw lines to help Jelly fly in this addicting new game! Get it now for FREE on Google Play!



    Can Jellyfish fly? Well, sort of...

    As a rule, jellyfish flop better than they can fly, but like the old saying goes, “once a jellyfish sets his mind on something he cannot be swayed,” and this jellyfish really wants to fly.

    Help Jelly (a little guy in a big jam!) find enough feathers and gadgets to take to the sky in this action-packed, physics puzzler! Draw lines with a swipe of your finger and let gravity do the rest!

    Use powerful fans and space-time bending teleportals to send Jelly bouncing and flopping through a world filled with predators, spikes, and other perils!

    Help Jelly fulfill his dream of soaring like a bird amongst the clouds!

    Jump into Jellyflop!™

    Features Include:

    5 zones and 100 levels of high-flying fun!
    Fun and addictive physics system!
    Draw lines anywhere to solve puzzles!
    Earn achievements and unlock stylish hats!
    10-10-2012 02:46 PM
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    Jellyflop is the free app of the day over at Amazon.

    To the dev, FYI, the game is getting some bad reviews at Amazon due to the permissions. You may want to respond in a comment and update the description with an explanation of the permissions.

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    11-14-2012 05:57 AM

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