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    Nia: Jewel Hunter

    Fully 3D action-style puzzle game.

    Have you got what it takes to solve the mysteries of Egypt?
    Solve puzzles and gather gems in this interesting 3d platform puzzler.
    Play the role of Nia: Jewel Hunter as she goes through different
    pyramids and temples, trying to unlock the hidden exits!

    Our main character is girl Nile, an ordinary office worker that after the terrible earthquake falls into the unknown worlds. And in order to return to her home she has to collect all the treasures of both empty and uninhabited worlds.

    The game has two completely different episodes. It wonít be easy to pass all trials, only real gamers will be able to pass through and help Nile to return home! Will You manage it? Letís get to know what is waiting for You.

    The game consists of 18 levels + bonus levels. Do you think itís not enough? Try only to go through! Stop playing a easy games for little children. Prove that you are not simple gamer, but gamer with a good memory and wit, ready to challenge the difficult puzzle. Good luck to You.

    Google Play - Nia: Jewel Hunter
    10-14-2012 06:23 AM
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    Upgraded to 1.4
    10-25-2012 05:20 PM

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