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    Game: Down the Hatch
    Kind of game: Arcade/Action
    Creators/Developed by: END Games Entertainment
    File size: 21 M
    Rated: For Everyone
    Price: .99 Google Play


    Join Stinky as he falls from grace in a sinful shower of decadent desserts.
    Meet Stinky, a young little imp whos always getting into trouble in DOWN THE HATCH! Constantly hungry, Stinky goes to desperate lengths to fill the rumbling in his tumbling.
    His latest adventure has brought him to a tremendous treasure trove of treats: the Great Refrigerator in the Sky. It contains an endless supply of food, but its stores are so heavenly an imp is forbidden to eat them! Things like cake and pie and his favorite snack of all donuts. Donuts! The very shape of a halo and the heavenliest of pastries! Naturally, the temptation is too great to resist. In his excitement, Stinky topples the Great Refrigerator and all the goodies go falling out...
    Join Stinky as he falls from grace in a sinful shower of decadent desserts. Tilt your device around to help him cram in as much as he can before he hits bottom!


    The graphics are clean and the color are bright and eye grabbing.
    It has a cute character and adorable story line.
    The game play is very polished.


    It may force close.
    There is only one game mode.


    Down The Hatch on Google Play


    10-15-2012 03:57 PM

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