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    Our new game Eggventure is available on Play Store now, have fun!

    Eggventure is a jumping game similar to Doodle Jump but enhances the player experience into much higher levels. Eggventure offers an endless gameplay with different experience each time you play it. Controls are very precise. Game difficulty is carefully designed: it is easy to start, hard to master.

    Eggventure has six characters, each with a unique power-up and appealing backgrounds. Game starts with our favorite character(Eggskimo Eddie) and you can unlock other characters with coins that you collect inside the game or purchased with in-app purchases.

    There are several bonuses and power-ups which you can upgrade with the coins. Wings and Jetpack bonuses have unique controls methods which you have never experienced in other jumping games.

    You can compete with players from all over the world on global scoreboard. You can review daily, weekly and all time scores.

    Apart from all these, we believe that our characters are so cute and you will love all of them

    It is out on Play Store, you can access it from the following link:

    Follow us :
    Eggventure | Eggventure
    Eggventure (Eggventures) on Twitter

    Some screenshots from the game :

    [GAME][FREE] Eggventure-2012-10-06-22.53.03.png

    [GAME][FREE] Eggventure-2012-10-15-21.37.09.png

    [GAME][FREE] Eggventure-2012-10-15-21.40.30.png

    [GAME][FREE] Eggventure-2012-10-15-21.38.16.png

    [GAME][FREE] Eggventure-2012-10-15-21.38.32.png
    10-16-2012 02:01 PM
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    Check for the updates..
    11-06-2012 02:09 AM

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