1. SNOWXTC's Avatar
    I was playing Angry Birds with the phone plugged in and the screen started to get a few lines on it so I exited Angry Birds just before the phone shutdown. I have had this happen once before and everything was fine, but this time I have lost all my scores. I had 3 stars on almost every level. All levels are still unlocked and I still have my Golden Eggs, but I have no scores.

    Can I get them back?

    I do not want to root my phone. What do you recommend so that I can back up my Angry Bird scores so this does not happen again?
    10-17-2012 11:56 AM
  2. annahid's Avatar
    Games usually use two sets of data. One kind is the one used for settings, and one is for keeping scores and all database type information. I think what has happened is that the score database is wiped. And what about the lines? Do you see lines when your battery dies? I think your phone might have a bit of a problem.

    My suggestions:

    1) Have you moved the game to SD? This might be a good practice to keep the information safe.
    2) Another good practice is not to cause the game to start saving information when there is a risk of its operation remaining undone. So, when you see the phone dying, DO NOT:

    - Exit the game
    - Start any level
    - Quit/complete any level

    These cause the database to open for writing, but since your phone dies, half the data is written, and that half is meaningless. So next time the game just starts over. Instead, just put phone down and let it die. Pausing shouldn't harm.

    Hope this helps
    10-17-2012 12:16 PM
  3. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    I haven't any similar problems but just in case i follow exact the same advice as Annahid suggested!

    ps. i v heard lot of horror stories about the 3 stars and it's been quite a pain to get them....
    11-29-2012 05:57 AM

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