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    [FREE][GAME] HeliTap game for Android-promotional.png
    Hei All, my recent game HeliTap for Android has been released in Google Play Store. This is a revamped version of classical helicopter games. Give it a spin if you like. The game is free to install. You can get it from below link

    Game Description:
    Can you keep the copter flying?? Tap tap tap!!!
    Just tap and control your helicopter from falling. Make your way through tunnels, volcanoes. Boost up your helicopter battery with power-ups and bonus points. Fly as far as you can. Find yourself among top players. Tap, tap, tap. Enjoy the classical game of copter in revamped flavor!!
    Avoid obstacles
    Collect coins to gain more chances.
    Speed will increase with time so keep sharp!!
    Helicopter, copter, games, tap
    10-18-2012 10:11 AM

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