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    Fantasy Europa League 2012-2013


    [FREE] [GAME] Fantasy Europa League 2012-2013-imagem1.png

    Season 2012-2013
    This is the perfect app for Europa League fantasy fans!
    With this app you can manage your team, get real time team points, stats and scores. You can also analyse stats and news before picking up your team. All this in one free app!

    Main Features:
    - Fantasy team management and real time points (UEFA Europa League – UEFA.com)
    - League table and results
    - Team and player stats
    - News and features
    - Rss Feeds
    - Transfers
    - Live scores
    - Goals videos

    If you usually use another website or if you have any suggestions for a future update please send us an email to droidapp.info@gmail.com.
    Note: This app needs a good internet connection. If you dont have a Fantasy Europa League team you can register a new one here: UEFA Europa League – UEFA.com

    [FREE] [GAME] Fantasy Europa League 2012-2013-1.png

    [FREE] [GAME] Fantasy Europa League 2012-2013-2.png
    10-19-2012 09:51 AM

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