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    I would like to present you my first Android game - and first game i've ever created

    I wanted to create game which could be described by two words: simplicity and replayability. Which should be easy to learn but hard to master.

    It's simple tapping game, where you must tap series of blocks. It you tap at least three same blocks, you gain points and extra time. Extra time allows you to play longer, so basically you chase with time for whole game It can be finished under one minute but you can also play for over half of hour (one player said he played 2600+ seconds) - but it depends on difficulty level and your reflex and coordination So it can be played if you don't have much time. There are some opinions that it's good toilet game :P

    - simple but challenging gameplay
    - 3 difficulty levels
    - tutorial
    - personal and (optional) online records (trough Swarm)
    - 2 graphic styles for blocks - one with colors, second with shapes

    Enough talk, here is gameplay screenshot:

    Video (with old graphic):

    Download from here:

    Or scan that code:
    10-22-2012 03:18 PM

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