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    Unscramble multiple jumbled words based on topics from television to history.

    WORDGENUITY SUPER WORD JUMBLE is a word jumble type game. Several letters are given and the goal is to reveal the words in the puzzle using the letters provided.

    To help you with each puzzle a group and a more specific topic are provided.

    Depending on your knowledge of the topic you may be able to guess what some of the words are. For the rest of the words use the letters provided.

    If you get stuck use a hint. Each hint will reveal the next letter in each of the unrevealed words. If you are still stuck use more hints. Hints are accumulated by solving puzzles without using a hint.

    All answers are one word only and ten letters or less. So if, for example, a topic involves U.S. states you can be sure states th multiple words in their name are not in the puzzle.

    The lite version contains 100 puzzles with hundreds of words to unscramble. You are given 20 hints to get started. The full version contains 300 puzzles with almost 2000 words to unscramble. The full version also allows for an unlimited number of hints.

    If you enjoy word jumbles, word searches, word scrambles, puzzles, anagrams or other word games free then please give Wordgenuity SWJ a try!


    10-22-2012 07:53 PM

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