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    Hello everyone!
    I just wanted your opinion on an app I created and just launched on Google Play called Map Quiz available here:
    The app is quite simple and neat-looking. You have to guess places' locations from pictures provided and score points:
    1. Tap on a map where you think the place is.
    2. Confirm the place.
    3. Based on the coordinates you will gain points (the closer you get the more points you score).
    4. Guess 10 places and see if you beat your last score and your friends.

    For now there are 55 places available but more are coming soon...
    I would be very greatful for any feedback whatsoever Here are some pics:

    MAP QUIZ - the newest quiz game with a twist:)-menu.pngMAP QUIZ - the newest quiz game with a twist:)-place.png

    PS the twist is that you have to find on Google Maps (personally I like scrolling the maps )
    10-29-2012 06:23 PM

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