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    My name is Jouko Voutilainen and I am the Creative Dictator (yeah, not a typo, and yes, it’s supposed to be funny) at Lights & Perfections. I’ve been working hard on a game with my friend and business partner Kristian Kristola. We’ve hit a point in development where we’re both comfortable with releasing our game at Google Play.

    Introducing FLUSHED

    Flushed (Action/Arcade Game)-sc20121021-014824.jpg

    Flushed (Action/Arcade Game)-promogamemode.jpg

    Flushed (Action/Arcade Game)-google_play3.png

    This is a simple arcade/action type game where you try to keep Charlie, a flushed goldfish, alive by guiding him through these strange sewer systems. The difficulty increases the further you get, while the randomly generated worlds make sure you have to adapt differently every time you play. You can also play Flushed with a friend. You can play through your local network, hook up with someone through our online server, or enter an IP address for a direct connection. It’s easy, works well, and great fun!

    Flushed (Action/Arcade Game)-beingflushed.jpg

    The reason I’m writing you is that it would be great, no… wait, awesome, if you could play our game and share your opinion on it with others. We’re a small company with big goals and quite frankly, I doubt that we can reach these goals without people like you. We’ve put a lot of time and all the little money we’ve had to make this title. It’s simple and quite basic, but it’s fun. Besides, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Flushed is our first step into the wild, so to speak.

    What makes Flushed even more awesome than what you would assume just by reading my desperate attempt to sell this thing to you, is the fact that it’s cross platform. It works on Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. Now, that’s kind of cool on its own but check this out: you can play Flushed multiplayer with your friends regardless of their platform! I think that’s sweet and I know there are people who would agree. I’m hoping you’re one of them.

    Flushed (Action/Arcade Game)-sc20121026-104109.jpg

    Right now Flushed runs on Linux and Android. Kristian is working on porting the game to iOS/OSX and eventually, even Windows (it’s almost working on it). It should be noted that the game is made for portable device, but works well enough with desktops/laptops.

    Obviously, we want to make bigger and better games. We want to make open games in the sense that these experiences aren’t tied to specific hardware/software. I’m an avid Linux supporter myself, and I would like to continue making games that not only run on Linux, but can be enjoyed together with friends, regardless of which platform they choose to use. If you can help me and Kristian do this, we would really, really, appreciate it.

    So here’s what you can do:

    You can get the game from Google Play (Flushed Premium)

    Here’s a link for the free version of the game (which lacks multiplayer and is ad supported)


    Try the game out and see what you think about it. Let others know too. If you don’t like it, well, that’s o.k. Tell people you didn’t like it and tell them why. That way we can do something about the issues that bothered you, and maybe in a future update those problems could be solved.

    The game runs well enough with a HTC-desire grade smartphone (that would “about” equal a 1st generation Google Nexus phone) and we’ve tested them on Samsung Galaxy S 1-3, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and on the HTC-Deisre/HD.

    I hope I haven’t bothered you with this message. I don’t intend to spam. I won’t continue to bug you either. I think we have a great product here that you might very much enjoy using. We hope to improve upon it and make more great games. If you have any feedback to give us please post here.

    Hope you enjoy our game. Have a great one!

    Jouko Voutilainen (Creative Dictator)
    Kristian Kristola (System Overlord)
    Lights & Perfections
    10-30-2012 02:46 PM

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