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    Would you play a game where you play as a butterfly?

    I want to create a 2d horror RPG where you play as a butterfly/death butterfly and I'm just trying to figure out if that would be weird concept to put the player into a role of a butterfly.

    I wont say my full idea cause its very unique, it will be my first game and feature a mechanism that I've never seen used in any mobile game that will separate it from most games out there.

    I'm getting inspiration from Japanese horror and anime, so its going to be very spooky, as i have graphics and art background the look will be very professional and I've spent months on the idea and gameplay design. (i had initially wanted to make it an animation, but then i got a nexus 7 and android overtook me lol next up a 4 and 10 arrgh lol)

    I'm just really curious if people could get involved into a game that doesn't focus on humanoids, because its going to be a Kickstarter, and i am going to use unity pro and will probably be free.


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