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    Donkey Racing, the 8-bit retro arcade racing game!
    The original retro racer game made by Bill Gates, now with a Deluxe version including more features:
    ● The donkey from "DONKEY.BAS PC game" and their new friends: Cow, Pig, Alien, Soldier and Zombie! They are here to stop your pleasant journey on the road. Avoid hitting them to win!!
    ● 8-bit graphics and sounds like the old times
    ● The original car
    ● 10 new cars
    ● Easy controls, just one tap to change lanes.
    ● Old school classic game style
    ● Cool 8-bit music
    [FREE] Donkey Racing-unnamed.png

    Download now [FREE]:
    11-07-2012 08:24 AM

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