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    Draw everything with only "One touch"
    One Touch Crayon Drawing is a simple yet very addictive puzzle game.
    This app is completely free!!!
    Try to draw everything with only "One touch".
    The rules are simple.
    Connect all the dots in one go but you can't always pass the same line twice.

    Game Changers introduced at different levels:
    1. Lines that must be passed twice.
    2. One directional line.
    More to come in future updates


    Are you intelligent enough? Then play the survival mode and complete the series of puzzles with only one touch!

    Test and improve your logical thinking abilities.
    Take up the challenge and complete the figure with one touch!


    *Multiple types of puzzles with multiple solutions
    *Don't know where to start? Try using hint.
    *2 Game modes: Arcade and Survival
    *Achievements can be attained soon
    *Additional levels will be introduced on future updates

    [Game][Free] Crayon Puzzle-screenshot01.png[Game][Free] Crayon Puzzle-screenshot03.png[Game][Free] Crayon Puzzle-screenshot04.png[Game][Free] Crayon Puzzle-screenshot06.png[Game][Free] Crayon Puzzle-screenshot07.png

    Download Now!

    11-09-2012 03:03 AM
  2. TACOTY PH PLAY's Avatar
    One touch Crayon UPDATED to version 1.02

    - Updated App icon
    - Updated UI and theme
    - Added Start Indicator while playing
    - Added Reset feature for every level
    - Added Automatic or Manual control mode
    - Various Bug Fixes
    03-13-2013 02:02 AM

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