1. sibex#AC's Avatar

    Ive got an S3 and wondered if anyone else had noticed this too.

    I downloaded Angry Birds Star Wars yesterday and have a completely ad free version. The iap extra levels are also available to me. I'm rather worried that I may have bee charged for the iap's without my knowledge but cant see how that can be, given I have a PIN set up on my Google Play account and have not been prompted to use it.

    Has anyone else seen this at all?

    Many thanks,

    11-09-2012 05:31 AM
  2. ThePurpleAndroid's Avatar
    I'm just playing the free version until in have the money to buy the ad free version. If there is iap's it should prompt you before purchase is processed, I'd check my cc account that is connected to my Google Play.

    ~~HTC Evo Design~~
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    11-09-2012 05:40 AM
  3. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    I'm not sure you're going to be charged for this. Angry Birds Star Wars is free for android users. I have s3 galaxy too, and i haven't seen any ads yet...
    11-29-2012 06:45 AM

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