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    THWACK Studio is pleased to announce its third release : Knight Defense a free-to-play, great combination of match-3, bewelejed and the defense of the knight.

    You probably have not seen this kind of game before.

    A good game to unwind after a long day and this for free, check it out! .

    1. Features:
    - 7 different interesting and animated characters,
    - Animated special effects,
    - Animated knight who defends himself against meteorites,
    - Matching set pieces, saves the knight before the attack,
    - A lot of interesting sounds,
    - The increasing level of difficulty,
    - Graphic-style games on the Amiga 1200, or the old games on the PC,
    - Relaxing sound of the waves and the sounds of nature in the game
    - high scores and wide statistics

    2. Help. How to get started:
    - As in a typical third match game Match 3 or more identical creatures vertically and horizontally,
    - Watch the bottom panel that is active monster that should be adjusted,
    - Matching the selected creature will protect the knight before approach of incoming meteors,
    - Combos

    Google Play:


    11-12-2012 07:36 AM
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    Video added

    11-13-2012 08:26 PM

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