1. dargil's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I am starting here a new discussion about tips and tricks on my game Bineromania. It may help you to solve some of the thousand puzzles available
    First of all, a quick reminder of the rules

    Fill in the grids with 0's and 1's by respecting 3 simple rules:
    1/ Equal number of 0's et 1's on each column and row
    2/ No more than two 0's or 1's side-by-side vertically and horizontally
    3/ No identical column and row

    And here is the download link

    So here is TRICK#1

    The initial grid is the following one
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip1_1_web.png

    Let's look at the second column. It is missing 2 zeros and 1 one.
    If we put a 0 in fourth position from the top then we are totally stuck because the remaining zero can not be placed without having 3 zeros aligned (error rule #2)
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip1_2_web.png

    Consequently, we can only place a one in the fourth position. Now we have 3 ones in this second column so it is easy to place the remaining zeros
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip1_3_web.png

    Does it help?
    I am waiting for your feedbacks and do not hesitate to share similar tips and tricks.

    dargil aka Binero Master
    11-13-2012 05:01 AM
  2. dargil's Avatar
    Hi Binero Boys & Girls

    Here is Trick#2

    The initial grid is the following one
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip2_1_web.png

    Let's consider the third column that is missing one 1 and 3 zeros.
    If we put the last one in the fifth position from the top then we are stuck because the 3 remaining zeros will be aligned.
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip2_2_web.png

    The conclusion is the same if we put the remaining 1 in the second position from the top
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip2_3_web.png

    Consequently, these two positions can only be filled with zeros. And then you can continue to fill in the grid
    [TIPS & TRICKS] Bineromania-tip2_4_web.png

    Now, go back to the initial grid and look at the second line...don't you recognize a similar pattern?

    Hope you enjoy that trick and it will help

    See you soon
    DARGIL aka Binero Master
    11-17-2012 03:30 AM

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