1. SnowBall_Game's Avatar
    "Snowball Fight Winter Game HD" Gets Merry Christmas Update
    - New 5 locations of virtual town
    - Christmas tree
    - New characters

    Play more Snowball Fight and win more and more beautiful balls, garlands.. for your Christmas tree.
    Winter Holidays are coming, and it's time to remember snow, warm winter hats, gloves and snowball fight game!

    Description - All like in real game

    Some tips:
    Tap on screen to bombard the other boys
    You can defend himself catching snowball in the air
    For more snowballs you can pick up heap-gift
    MultiTouch support

    If You love to play SNOWBALL FIGHT - Download "SnowBall Fight Winter Game HD" Now!

    Google Play:

    SnowBalls Fight Winter Game HD | SlideME

    Have fun!
    11-23-2012 05:54 AM
  2. Jackie84's Avatar
    no snow yet, at list can have it on my phone. LOL
    SnowBall_Game likes this.
    11-23-2012 12:02 PM
  3. SnowBall_Game's Avatar
    new Christmas version available now on Google Play:
    12-09-2012 11:32 PM

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