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    This is my new game, give it a go the people I've had test it have said they found it quite addictive.

    It's a reaction based game where a color will be written on the screen and you have to press the right color button as quick as possible.
    The catch is the color of the written word may be a completely different color and therefore trick you into pressing the wrong button.

    You lose a life every time you press the wrong button if you lose three lives it's game over!
    Beware though if you don't press a button in the time limit then it's game over straight away! The time limit will shrink as your score gets higher so you'll have to get quicker and can't afford to lose concentration.

    If you do enjoy it please consider clicking on the ad's or even upgrading to the pro version (details below).

    App Download
    Click Here

    App Description:
    An addictive reaction game!

    Press the color that corresponds to the written word as quickly as you can.

    Beware the color of the word may mislead lead you!

    Press the correct button quick enough and you'll gain extra points, but press the wrong button and you'll lose a life, if you don't press a button within the time limit it'll be game over! CAUTION the time limit will decrease as your score gets higher!

    If you like the app please consider clicking on the adverts or upgrading to pro version, this will encourage more updates and similar games to be released in the future.

    This version will work on tablets but is not optimised for them. The optimised layout for tablets will be part of the Pro version.

    The Pro version will be released on the 25th of November.
    It will feature:

    - More game modes
    - No ad's
    - Optimised for phones and tablets (Free version is only Phones)

    Any issues?
    Don't hesitate to send me an email or tweet me at @Jake_Chand

    Lastly enjoy the game!!!

    Last Note
    Any ideas for changes/additions are welcome just get in contact though PM or twitter.

    Chand Dev
    11-24-2012 09:18 AM

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