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    Hi. I just finished an Android Game app that I was making in my spare time as a hobby, and added it to Google Play. If anyone's interested, please do go ahead and give it a try. I'd appreciate it if you could rate and/or review it on the app page, or mention to me any problems you encountered on your model of phone/android. This is my first large game project, so I'd be grateful for any feedback you can provide.

    The first chapter (includes 4 episodes/maps) is completely free to try out and play. Additional chapters are paid content to unlock as they become available (or you can pay a one time fee to unlock all chapters both current and to-be-released in the in-app purchase screen).


    So what exactly is it? Its an RPG game along the lines of Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars, and all those other grid based RPG games that exist. A simple overview of the gameplay, has you summoning and managing an army of monsters. There are 25 types of playable monster units, each having their own unique special ability which helps to define their role and usage in play. For example, the slimes are weak but cheap costing units that have the ability to split apart and duplicate/copy itself, making them ideal for use as sacrificial pawns or roadblocks. The Living bombs can detonate and explode, taking out nearby strong enemies. Zombies can finish off weakened enemies, infecting them and turning them into more of your zombies. The Succubus can charm enemy units and make them fight for your side. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Can you effectively use all the available monsters to conquer the battlefield?

    Each monster also has a set "Battle Area" pattern. When you move and order your unit to attack, any ally and enemy units within the battle area will be involved in the attack. Use positional strategy to set things up so that you can target and take out many foes in a single battle, or gang up and crush a single enemy with many of yours. Each monster unit can move and use an action only once per turn. However, if you can position your already used units to be in the battle area of your new attacking unit, you can still use your old units in the resulting battle. Plan your attacks and formations, and use the Battle Area to your advantage!

    The goal of each stage (aside from a few scripted scenarios), is to capture the enemy's main castle base, and to defend your own from being taken over. The earlier stages (and introductory episodes of later chapters) have less aggressive enemies and a small map size which can be completed in a few minutes. The harder stages are a long ruthless struggle of power and territory and can take much much longer to complete. In the options, there is a quick save ability, so you can quit and resume the battle at the point you left off, whenever you want. Have fun playing for long gaming sessions and campaigns, or spread that out to play bits and pieces in that moment of spare time.

    Final words I'll want to mention, is that the first episode of chapter 1 is the tutorial stage and is rather long in both story and instructions. It explains all the controls and mechanics of the games, most of which can be discovered intuitively by veterans of the genre. If you want to skim through it, the cliff-notes of controls are slide the screen to move around, grab a unit to move it, drop it on a black dot to place it, use the action buttons that pop up, you can summon more units from a blue base. Oh, and I'm working on this game as a hobby during my free time after work or between breaks, so expect irregular updates. I'll try and get new chapters released every 2 weeks. Faster or slower depending on how popular/supported this becomes and if there's actually people waiting on the next chapter.

    Thanks for your time
    11-27-2012 07:43 PM

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