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    New version 1.0.1

    Can you handle it? LUDO ANGEL!
    Play a round of ever classic board game hit Ludo and have fun like you have never had before with this visually striking Android exclusive.
    Now supporting multiple players on a single device it is an unmatched experience in the world of Ludo, for your friends and family.

    With soothing graphics and no-nonsense easy to navigate user interface Angel Ludo is enjoyable by all ages, so play it with your granny and grandpa and also dont forget to include your youngest ones.

    What is the game about?
    Each player has 4 pieces which starts in the Home position. Roll the dice to move each piece around the board.
    On the way to goal, you need to avoid being captured by other players, while you try to capture other players pieces and knock them back to their Home position.
    Get all your 4 pieces to goal before your opponents.

    - Test your skills against computer driven AI players
    - Striking but user-friendly interface that soothes your eyes
    - Support for up to 4 players on a single device, or any combination of real / AI players
    - Support for large number of resolutions and screen orientations, including tablets
    - Saved game automatically
    - Its Free !

    12-03-2012 12:33 PM

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