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    My latest game review. This one is all about destroying the lawn gnomes.

    Game: Paper Glider vs. Gnomes
    Kind of game: Arcade/Action
    Creators/Developed by: Neon Play
    File size: 34 Mb
    Rated: For Everyone
    Price: Free on Google Play
    Phone: Tablet


    It's war in Gnome Man's Land! Can you flick, fly n bomb your way to victory? Prepare for battle! War has been declared in Gnome mans
    land! Paper Glider must rid the world of all vulgar (and extremely rude) Gnomes. Can you flick, fly n bomb to victory? Youll need to
    be fearless, ruthless and not totally brainless to blast your way through all 63 levels of Gnome smashing mayhem. Outwit those grumpy
    gnomes with bombs, TNT rockets, hammer-mills, boulders, skateboards, footballs, vortexes and loads more...

    Its not always obvious, but it IS always fun!


    well-designed graphics
    Great combination of Paper Glider Bomber mixed with some gnomes
    Funny captions when you blow up the gnomes.


    Additional game items cost to much.
    The loading time to restart a level is to long.


    Paper Glider vs. Gnomes


    12-03-2012 01:40 PM

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