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    In case you don't follow the updates of Rovio, Angry Birds Seasons game has a new update, called Winter Wonderham. It comes with 25 new levels on ice terrain, with new gameplay, 2 golden eggs and 3 bonus levels.

    I've got 3 star s on all levels until now, let me know if you need help, i can upload you a video on youtube for instructions.

    Forgot to mention... it's free for android users
    12-04-2012 05:49 AM
  2. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    here is a playlist with walkthroughs on how to get 3 stars on Winter Wonderham levels: Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 3 Star Walkthroughs - YouTube
    12-28-2012 05:37 AM
  3. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    For the 2 golden eggs of Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham watch these guys:

    Golden Egg #1 :
    Golden Egg #2:
    01-08-2013 05:37 AM

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