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    First of all let me thanks Android Central to grant us the opportunity to use their forum to comment about our new App published a few moments ago in Google Play.

    Google Play Link: Messi

    Right now I'm very happy to announce nothing more and nothing less than a free game that we have just published a few hours ago in Google Play. Thus, all the fans of our website PuntoAndroid can not only read the articles we publish daily, but now can play an official game site related to the best player in the world. The name of the app is Messi.


    The Android game Messi is inspired by the classic game that many of us surelly played in our early days, JezzBall. The objective is to trap all the non-stop bouncing balls and lock them up by literally eating the game area. Anyway, in the course of the game are different objects moving around the place making it increasingly difficult task us you reach highter levels.

    Then, to play Messi, basically you need to move him around the screen and have to throw lines to cut it and discover the background image. To pass each level you will require to clean more than 70% of the drawing, but will not be easy since enemies seem to be constantly bouncing nonstop. Each level has different difficulties.

    Dozens of levels

    PuntoAndroid game: Messi currently has 18 levels you can play without paying a cent, but if you want to enjoy more screens you will need to pay a very small sum of money to buy the full version you can download from the game itself without Play Google search.

    In the full version will get a total of 36 levels you can enjoy without advertising and the best is that each screen has all the fun of JezzBall combined with a more friendly user interface and updated. Also, the images are inspired by the soccer player Lionel Messi is always welcome in our androids.

    Different characteristics

    Considering its features, we can say that the game Messi of Android is very complete Point since not only is based on the JezzBall, but updated it with a wide variety of fun and interesting specifications. Moreover, its user interface is dynamic and easy to use.

    Among other things, it has spectacular images of the world's best player in each screen, gallery with all the pictures you unblocked, automatic storage of all games in progress, support for Facebook and Twitter to share the highest scores, full stats and sounds the swollen around the world, among other things.


    Messi The game combines the fun of the classic with an improved interface in different sectors, including attractive images also the best player in the world of today. So if you want to enjoy their leisure from their Android phones and have a phone with Android 2.2 on do not hesitate to download this game from the link friends.

    12-04-2012 06:05 PM

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