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    After the great reception of our previous game Airbag Frank 3D we've finally got something new!
    It's called Aeon Beam and it's a visually stunning brain teaser.
    Check it out on the Google Play store: Aeon Beam
    Realistic generation of realtime water ripples, reflects and an underwater world full of living creatures. It's really beautiful. The first chapter (15 levels) is totally free to play, and if you like the game, you can get 60 more levels for the price of a snickers

    Enter the calm environment of Aeon Beam and solve riddles while relaxing at your personal koi pond full of living creatures.

    ・ Intuitive Gameplay

    Aeon Beam's gameplay is as intuitive as it can be. Simply touch and drag the Aeon Spheres and remove
    all intersections until all lines turn blue. Some spheres cannot be moved while other have a restricted angle.

    ・ Six chapters - 75 levels

    Aeon Beam features 75 levels divided into six chapters with new spheres, varying environments and new animals.
    The first chapter is free with no strings attached, and if you enjoyed the game you can purchase all other
    chapters for less than a dollar.

    ・ Beautiful Graphics

    Aeon Beam features stunning water graphics and sounds with simulated waves and an underwater world
    full of living creatures. Aeon Beam is visually optimized for the latest generation devices.

    ・ Universal App

    Aeom Beam has been designed to run on both smartphones and tablets with full support for bigger screens!

    Free your mind and discover the beautiful world of Aeon Beam. A truly unique experience.

    And don't forget to visit our home page: drahtwerk - Home
    Once again the android play store url: Aeon Beam
    If you're on twitter, follow us to stay up to date: @drahtwerk

    12-10-2012 07:09 AM

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