1. JayTeeDee1997's Avatar
    Hello, All

    I Have A Few Quick Questions, So Here They Are. I just downloaded Android x86 4.0.1 ICS For eeePC And It Worked
    And I'm A Huge Huge Gamer. So Of-course I Tried some games but they didn't work, every game Just tries to load but then they shutdown
    I Need A Fix of some sort for that. And I Do not know if this question is right for the games part of this forum but:...

    I Want Store Music Games APK's And Other stuff On A PNY 4GB Full size SD Card and the sd will not mount when i try to setup the SD its says no
    sd inserted or there are no certificates for the SD.

    If anybody could help i would appreciate it
    12-13-2012 08:01 PM

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