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    In Goldman you have to control the miner who has only one thing in his life - gold. He's ready to blast everything standing on his way to get another golden pile. He's a natural demolition expert: he has lots of explosions for every type of ground. Everything starting from Molotov Coctail for flammable coal to extremely powerful TNT for solid rocks is available.

    WARNING: developers girlfriends are suspected to have an addiction!

    More than 100 levels you've got a lot to explode!
    Unique bonus system: 3 trophy collections to acquire!
    Explosions and fireshows EVERYWHERE!
    8 kinds of bombs: everything you want from Molotov coctail to powerful TNT!
    Different types of ground find the best way to destroy each one! (don't do it in real life!)
    Superweapon system: really LOTS of bomb blasts!
    Easy to learn, simple to handle!


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    12-14-2012 07:47 AM

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