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    Who is Lime?
    Lime is a small alien explorer of the cubix world. He is smart enough to
    complete any task by himself but now he need your help to explore all the
    cubix world levels.

    Lime is the sokoban like maze game with elements but not the sokoban exactly.
    You may do anything you want: move blocks, switch doors, close holes, use jump-pack
    anything for just help Lime to get his way to teleport.
    The control is quite simple if you'll tap somethere on the top of the screen Lime will go up!, if you'll
    tap sometere on the bottom of the screen - he will go down.
    Guess where will Lime go if you'll tap somethere right or left? - Yes! that's right!

    Full version features:
    - Full 3D graphics
    - Four levels of difficulty
    - More than 50 stages + bonus
    - Nice music and attractive gameplay
    - Easy control
    Just try and you'll like it!

    Attached Thumbnails [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-app1024.png   [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-3.png   [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-4.png   [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-5.png   [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-6.png  

    [FREE][GAME] Lime 3D-2.png  
    12-15-2012 07:53 AM

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