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    hi guys,


    This one is for casual quizzers and quiz afficionados alike. A Trivia quiz with more than 1000 qts (1400 in fact!) that are graded as per difficulty. 5 different power ups (50 50 , 25%, skip qt, reset timer and Score Booster) to boost your score and level to top the Hall of Fame. Gorgeous graphics to keep you engaged ... and questions ranging from Science to Geography, Movies, History, Music and many other categories. The game also features a unique Trivia IQ Meter that tracks your progress.

    ★★★ Trivia Quiz Game FEATURES ★★★
    - More than 1400 trivia quiz questions of varying difficulty
    - Unique IQ Quiz meter to judge your skill
    - The ONLY Trivia Quiz Game that lets you choose and buy 5 DIFFERENT items to help you progress!
    - Trivia Quiz just got a brand new style with Quiz Arena. Eye pleasing graphics add to the charm.
    - Test your global ranking on our Trivia Quiz Game Arena - the leaderboards!

    Do try it out and rate it please!! Thank you!
    12-16-2012 08:50 PM

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