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  1. Alberts3's Avatar
    A 100% free game, supported only with a single ad. It is the newest chain reaction game in the market. With nicely done graphics and upgrades almost every week, this game is evolving to become the best chain reaction game in the market.

    3 Game modes: Missions, Arcade and Survival.
    Missions are great to learn the game mechanics and improve your ability to create awesome chain reactions.
    Arcade is the place where you beat level after level with increasing difficulty and upload your highscore to the online leaderboard if you want.
    Survival is a more strategical mode, where what you do in a level will affect every level after this one, and a miss placed bomb can fatal. Also with optional online leaderboards.

    Explosions and chain reactions are awesome, but they are better if you blend them with a cute Achievements system, developed entirely for this game.

    Also, as we know that each one have different preferences, the game includes different looks, so you can change the balls and turn them into stars if that's your thing. Or maybe you are happier exploding smileys? whatever you like!

    Beat every mission, get all the achievements or get the 1st position online, you choose your goal in this game.

    You also have a paid version without ads if you think the game deserves it

    And here you have some screenshots:

    12-17-2012 05:39 AM

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