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    Hi All,
    The game idea was inspired by an old game KLAD (analog of Lode Runner). I wasted hours playing it as a kid.

    Not so long ago in a not so distant galaxy Silky Way there was a planet populated by friendly robots. But one day the E-VEEL virus came from another galaxy and scrambled all bytes in poor robotsí chips. They all became angry and some even started downloading the illegal firmware from the Outernet. It is time to end this nightmare! The elite warrior Roborunner has been sent to access the mainframe and reboot all the robots.
    Play this platformer with logical puzzles inspired by the classic Lode Runner. Three levels of enemy intellect, three chapters each with a distinct graphics, 30 challenging levels and hours of fun.

    You can get it from Google Play for free:
    12-19-2012 04:26 PM

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