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    I'd like to present you our latest free game for Android called: "Don't Bother Me!"
    This is the game description:

    Today is a bad day! My girlfriend sent me to hell, the boss gave me a good reprimand, the PC is broken and I lost all my data ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    Everyone has someone to complain about, they all have one person or a situation that stresses them. Now you can take your revenge! Your enemy is ready to hit you but your anger is about to explode!
    Finally, a game where you can take it out, virtually, all the accumulated stress. Choose an animal: you will play in the game, it will be your alter ego, your avatar. Name the factor: hes who hits you and which you can now take your revenge.
    With a simple stroke of the phone, youll raise your anger until it explodes and you will get your long-awaited revenge!
    A game for all ages, fun and easy. A moment's pause in the stress of everyday life.
    The game has been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch. Soon other translations.
    Dont Bother Me! has the following characteristics:
    * Great graphics and exciting sound effects
    * Choice of different animals
    * Post on your Facebook sentences against factor
    * Ranking of all your personal nuisance

    Here are some screenshots:

    And here's the QRCode:

    I hope you would try and like it on the market
    Don't forget to have a look on our other games on the Zapmobilegames website.
    12-27-2012 10:44 AM
  2. zappescu's Avatar
    And here it is our promotional video!!

    01-08-2013 05:01 AM

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