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    Feed The Moo is a fun arcade-inspired game about using quick thinking to lead your belly-filled Moos to safety while avoiding the hungry wolves, using special items, and more!


    Featuring intuitive controls and gorgeous cartoon visuals, you'll be feeding Moo for hours on end!

    As a Moo herder, it is up to you to lead your Moos toward yummy grass before guiding them to the other corral so they will be safe from predators. However, there are hungry enemies who happen to really love the taste of Moo! Use your quick wits and useful items to feed your Moos and lead them to safety!

    You can play a quick game trying to get as many Moos as possible behind the gate or you can go through the levels and find new challenges and different maps to make things interesting.

    While the Moos wondering around the map they can collect power-ups that will help you get the job done. If you like you could also buy this power-ups in the market and go out to the field ready.

    Your Moos can eat power-ups that can make them walk faster, gain more coins from food eaten, improve their digestion and create a gassy cloud around them to protect them from the enemies, and more time to the level and more.

    From your side you can use power-ups like invisible tool to make your Moos invisible to the wolves for some time, scare any wolves by firing your shotgun, dropping more food for them to eat and more cool power-ups that will enrich your herding experience.
    12-29-2012 01:16 PM

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