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    Anyone else think there should be another category for games in the market? I think there should be a category that are exclusive to those actual 3D games like the ones by Gameloft or Com2Us. You know, those professional games with high quality graphics, intense game play, online multiplayer, etc. It would make browsing for the good games much easier. I can already think of many games such as...

    -Raging Thunder 2
    -Asphalt 5
    -Homerun Battle 3D
    -Skies of Glory
    -Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
    -Backbreaker Football
    -Gangstar Westcoast Hustle
    -HeavyGunner 3D
    -Hockey Nations 2010
    -Need For Speed Shift
    -Modern Combat Sandstorm
    -Let's Golf
    -Sky Siege
    -Hero of Sparta
    -Sniper Vs Sniper
    -Real Soccer 2010
    -Dungeon Hunter
    -Flick NBA Basketball

    The point is, there's needs to be a category for these games because I'm sick and tired of browsing through all the clustered crap in the arcade and All section.

    Also, what are some 3D games you would like to see in the Android market.
    07-21-2010 09:22 PM