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    BumbleBee Race

    [App-Name] BumbleBee Race free
    [Language] English
    [Size] ~14.6MB
    [Limitations] Android 2.3
    [GooglePlay] https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....fudog.wf_free

    is a cute obstacle-style race where you guide a bee through oncoming traffic using your Androids tilt control. Avoid cars, trucks, bikes and other obstacles to increase your score and complete levels. Its challenging to play, cutely animated and pretty engaging. If you enjoy accelerometer controlled arcade-style games, youll love this.Bumblebee Race is a cute little game where you have to race your bumble bee through busy traffic.

    You can collect up to three stars on each level you race and each also has a set objective; like travelling at a certain speed or collecting honey. You control your bee using the accelerometer. This works pretty well although you sometimes wish it was a little more responsive at times.

    While gameplay is beautifully simple, there are plenty of achievements to complete and numerous levels. I really liked the way daylight changes and you have to fly during the night with oncoming headlights, thus presenting more challenge. Your bee can also pick up crash helmets which let you crash through a vehicle. This, by all accounts, is pretty cool and good to pull off- be wary though one helmet will last only one collision!

    The game is over if you get squashed by an windscreen. Until then you can buzz through the levels quite easily, although collecting all the stars is genuinely challenging. The game is great for kids to play and equally enjoyable for adults. Im not sure if the game has much in the way of longevity- it might only be a game you play casually for a short while, but its definitely worth the price.

    01-15-2013 02:41 PM

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