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    Hello ,

    Salem games studio are proud to announce you that our game "Bizarre Pinball" is FREE and released on Google Play. Bizarre Pinball is a game mixing
    touch-game-play and traditional flipper game-play. You must destroy enemies with your fingers like helicopters, smash bombs, collect bonus or kill zombies with the ball.The scene take place in a supermarket. 4 bonus playfields with different universes are waiting for you :

    - Fruity fever playfield
    - Halloween playfield
    - Pixel land playfield
    - Tric-Trac playfield

    Features :

    - Original 3D graphics
    - Rich sound environnement
    - Original game play (touch game and pinball)
    - 4 stages

    The trailer of Bizarre Pinball :

    The official site of the game :
    Bizarre Pinball website

    Screen shots for you

    Links :

    Facebook page of the game

    Salem games facebook page

    Google + Salem Games

    Thank you for reading me.

    Bizarre Pinball free on Google Play

    JC from Salem Games

    Salem Games is an independent Video Game Studio based in Lyon, France.
    01-18-2013 10:28 AM

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