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    Motosikeo-X is an exciting motorcycle racing game engineered with AI to continually challenge you as you play. Race through the desert avoiding obstacle such as tumbleweeds and vehicles that come at you from every side. The new build, releasing this week, will include upgrades such as improved graphics, camera angles, and power boosters.

    Game Highlights:

    1. Dynamic artificial intelligence to make the game more challenging, no matter how good you get .

    2. Responsive control- it drives and feels like a real motorcycle.

    3. Speed control with forward and backward tilt.

    4. Turn control through left and right tilt.

    5. Wheelie the bike by tap and hold anywhere on the screen.

    6. Progress indicator so you know where you are on the course.

    7. Leaderboard- top scores make it to the board.

    8. Top speed of 150 mph by tilting forward.

    9. Top speed of 180 mph when doing a wheelie.

    10. Extra points for passing a vehicle while doing a wheelie.

    11. For an extra challenge, drive through the covered gas station.

    12. Impressive 3D graphics.

    Contest is on now to win an iPad Mini! Top scorer by Feb. 28th wins!
    Contest Rules at the homepage.

    Currently available at iTunes and Google Play for only 99 little cents.

    01-22-2013 03:15 PM

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